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Image by Noemí Jiménez

Welcome to Heavenly May

We sell long lasting wax melts for the home and office, along side fragrances for your car. 

Using homemade mini wax melts in aromatherapy lamp diffuser at home interior concept. Melt
Candle Wax Before Melting


Our wax melts are made of soy & paraffin blend. We include fun colors along with fragrances that are enjoyable and long lasting. 

Burning candle



In 2020, I started my first online store named Lady's Unique Creations. A year later, I decided to open another shop that would allow me to continue to do what I love; being creative. The name Heavenly May was created in honor of my grandmother who had passed away in 2020. Growing up, I remember watching my grandmother create items such as clothing, party souvenirs, stuffed animals, and doll dresses from scratch. With the skills and lessons I learned from her, I have the confidence to do what I love every day; create products that will bring a smile and loving memories into your home. 

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